The ancient town of Emonia, Neapolis, Novigrad lies on a penisula with well protected harbour. It is said that the Greek sailors had established their colony here and the Romans the town called Civitas Novum.

Once the seat of bishopric, the town is nowadays open for numerous tourists and guests. This longeval urbanized centre on the very western gate to Croatia, Istria and Adriatic Sea, with the warmest sea temperature, historical memory and rich monumental heritage, has a long and very prosperous touristic tradition.
You will surely find out that hotels and campsite are often built one the foundation of the ancient summer residence.

The sea temperatures reach 22-24 degrees C in the high summer. The winters are mild and the vegetation lusher than anywhere on the Adriatic coast. The sea is pleasant for swimming from May to September, the beaches pebbly and rocky, woods and groves with Mediterranean vegetation are offering shadow and pleasure.

Each new day in Novigrad represent a challenge to absorb the warmth of the sun, to strengthen the body with various activites, to taste the healthy and teastful food, to learn the history of the country.


Istria is offering a special experience. The inhabitants had developed the specific quality of building, cultivation of the soil, folklore and custom down the ages.

The Istrian towns in the vicinity of Novigrad - Momjan, Groznjan, Motovun, Oprtalj, Zavrsje -the pearls of beauty, the treasury of cultural heritage, the medieval guards above the Mirna valley. Nowhere in the world you can find so many medieval townlets in a such a small area.

If you have a opportunity, you can experience the charm of public festivities. People meet on the main town square, market place or near the church, the whole day or even more days and play, dance or sing, meet the relatives, buy or sell, specially when the word is about church holidays.
These parts of the country belong to the western civilisation what they also demonstrate.

According to the calendar of the parish holidays which are celebreting the patron saint's day we register the following: